Why Go for Odoo Business Consulting Services?

In this technology-driven world, any company lacking the latest software-based business solutions is lopsided. Dealing manually with a multitude of tasks like employee management, human resource management, accounts management and warehouse management would be a nightmare, especially while working for a large-scale business. Software solutions which are capable of handling all these tasks efficiently, as … read more

Keep Problems at Bay with Odoo/ERP Fleet Management Software

You can list a whole lot of things you can’t live without, but at least two or more among those would be directly or indirectly related to software technologies. For instance, the millions of people who use a smartphone today, find it hard to spend a day without their device. From chatting with friends to … read more

What’s So Good About Open ERP Software Version 7?

Software technologies no longer need an introduction and their importance is pretty much clear to both tech-savvy individuals and laymen. Almost every class of people today relies on software applications either for work or for other purposes. Earlier capable of doing nothing beyond simplistic tasks like calculation and text formatting, software apps today are being … read more

How is ERP Billing Software Taking Businesses to the Next Level?

Monotony doesn’t have a place anywhere, especially in software technology. This is an area where innovation is a ground rule – anything new has to be better than the old one. We can hardly find a person willing to stick to the same old version of a software. The craving for extra convenience and better … read more

How Beneficial Is It to Use an Expense Management Software?

With every business, regardless of the industry it is concerned with, comes a whole lot of tasks to be managed and doing the same manually is not an option given how intricate business tasks can get. Some of the high priority tasks include purchase management, sales management, accounts management and expense management. From manual work, … read more

What to Consider While Choosing a Supply Chain Management Software?

Obsolete technologies have no place in today’s business scenario and being nostalgic is not an option at all. Entrepreneurs, regardless of whether they own start-ups or established organizations, have no option but to go wherever innovation leads them. From an ordinary file system that couldn’t even store information beyond a certain level, let alone manipulate … read more

Manage Your Manufacturing ERP Project the Right Way

Management of a manufacturing ERP project is definitely a big deal, given the uniqueness of every ERP project we come across. Having established itself as a primary operational tool for businesses, ERP that is Enterprise Resource Planning has found its way into several fields, education, hotel management, warehouse management and manufacturing being the common ones. … read more

CRM vs ERP: Time to Know It All

If business software profitability were to be considered as a coin, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning) would be its two sides. As both of these are implemented in businesses in order to make them more productive and hence profitable, many points can support the similarity between the two. There are several areas … read more