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A Guide for Successful Odoo Installation

The need for ERP software solutions is something almost all businesses have in common. With business processes and operations becoming even more complicated and sophisticated, automation has become more crucial than ever. Fortunately, some of the finest software developers in the world came up with ERP solutions that can seamlessly integrate multiple departments in a business, such as a customer relationship management(CRM), human resources, sales, employee management, finance and accounting.

In any discussion about ERP software, one can never fail to mention Odoo/OpenERP which is one of the best ERP solutions introduced so far. Equipped with several excellent features, Odoo offers a multitude of benefits to the organisation that implements it, such as the following:

  • Being a highly comprehensive ERP platform, Odoo offers over thousand different modules along with a robust functionality.
  • Odoo is modular in nature. Starting with one or more basic modules, you can add more later as per your need.
  • Odoo installation and usage both have a very nominal cost which is easily affordable for a majority of businesses.
  • Odoo is highly flexible and thus can be easily customised as per your business requirements.
  • Unlike most of the other software platforms, Odoo can be downloaded for free. This takes a big load off the minds of the developers using this platform.

Installation of Odoo in any company needs to be done in an organised manner. Two of the most important steps in the approach for installing this platform have been explained below:

Establish the ERP-Related Goals

Before you start with Odoo installation, you need to have a clear idea of what your ERP will look like once it is implemented, and what are the goals to be established with it. To decide on the same, a meeting should be conducted between the external party implementing Odoo and the staff members involved in the process. The same needs to be done before implementing Odoo hosting solutions as well.

Define Success

While starting a process, you need to define certain parameters that imply its successful completion. Budget assigned for the use of internal resources and timing are some of the parameters in case of Odoo installation.

Above-mentioned steps are followed by other practices like detailed planning, deciding on the IT infrastructure, education and training.

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