Challenges to Be Faced in ERP Integration

Pertaining to every technology we use, we get good news as well as bad news. ERP, as a matter of fact, is not any different. Involving a multitude of advanced technologies and innovative development platforms, ERP is no longer a major obstacle for businesses.

ERP integration, however, is still a big challenge for IT companies to deal with, as these companies implement this technology for the enhancement of enterprise systems. These systems, as a result will be able to support several new capabilities such as newly introduced data types, cloud and mobility.

Among the numerous ERP solutions introduced, most companies have chosen Odoo/OpenERP. The platform can seamlessly integrate multiple departments and process the tasks pertaining to each department without any mess. Companies, however, have a history of struggling to achieve the right Odoo integration architecture that can achieve a proper sync between ERP backbone and other systems in the enterprise, such as warehouse management, human resource management, customer relationship management, supply chain management, accounts management and fleet management.

Odoo experts have been able to eliminate several complexities in Odoo integration, thanks to the recently introduced technologies. Furthermore, the platform is being fine-tuned from vendor’s end as well, with the intention of achieving a smooth operation. Certain challenges however, still remain. Some of those have been explained below:

Combining Mobile Technology with ERP
Wide use of Internet in businesses has prompted employees to have a mobile device meant solely for official work. Syncing the data on these devices with that on ERP system is one of the biggest challenges in ERP integration. A separate app has to be created and deployed for achieving this sync, which is not possible in all kinds of organizations.

Achieving Sync with Cloud
Intending to make data storage and retrieval easier, most companies are using cloud-based applications. Any important entity from the company can have access to classified information on the cloud. Integrating these cloud applications with ERP, however, is not an easy task.

With the above-mentioned issues resolved, Odoo integration becomes easier and quicker, and so does the organization and management of multiple departments in any company that uses Odoo/OpenERP.

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