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Keep Problems at Bay with Odoo/ERP Fleet Management Software

You can list a whole lot of things you can’t live without, but at least two or more among those would be directly or indirectly related to software technologies. For instance, the millions of people who use a smartphone today, find it hard to spend a day without their device. From chatting with friends to paying bills online, they have a dozen things to do and only a mobile device can help them with that.

Software technologies have influenced not only personal but also the professional aspects of people’s lives, offering a multitude of solutions that make business processes even more efficient and productive. One among these solutions is the fleet management software that helps businesses reduce the overall cost of transportation and other expenses such as those on staff-related requirements.

While the upside of using a fleet management software is pretty clear to everyone, not many people are able to see its other side. There is a lot of juggling to be done between different kinds of assets, rules, regulations and employee roles while using this software. Desperate to resolve such issues, software experts, after taking several steps towards innovation, have come up with Odoo/ERP fleet management software. Superior to the traditional software solutions, this one helps you eliminate several risks in fleet management thus giving you the benefits mentioned below:

  • A Closer Watch on Drivers
    Monitoring the behavior of drivers can become a hassle while you are using the traditional fleet management software. An ERP solution can make this task easier for you by ensuring that employees strictly adhere to the rules you specify. For instance, you can know which ones among your drivers are over-speeding and which ones are driving under the influence of alcohol.

  • Better Tracking Options
    While the traditional fleet management software solutions can accomplish a lot of things, they are unable to track vehicles effectively. Drivers can sometimes use their vehicles for a personal motive, resulting in additional fuel consumption. With a single driver, this may not seem like a big deal but if all of your drivers do the same, you will be paying a significant cost for the same. Fleet management ERP allows you to track each of your vehicles thus helping you figure out whether the concerned vehicle is going on the intended route or not. This way you will know if any of your drivers is taking a long route for his/her personal needs.

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