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Manage Your Manufacturing ERP Project the Right Way

Management of a manufacturing ERP project is definitely a big deal, given the uniqueness of every ERP project we come across. Having established itself as a primary operational tool for businesses, ERP that is Enterprise Resource Planning has found its way into several fields, education, hotel management, warehouse management and manufacturing being the common ones.

ERP basically involves the use of a software suite for integrating multiple tasks or departments. Hotel ERP, for instance, will help you handle several divisions related to hotel management in a smooth and effective manner without the slightest possibility of confusion or error. ERP project management, however, can be really intimidating at times, especially when it is implemented in a field as vague as manufacturing. You will find that most of the ERP projects are big, and even after you break them down into small modules, you are more than likely to neglect some minute changes that can land your project in a huge trouble.

While using a manufacturing ERP project management software, it is not only the technicalities of the software that project managers need to understand but also the processes related to manufacturing and business, as well as the responsibilities of the people driving these processes. To throw some light on the issue, I mention below some of the best practices for ERP project management in the area of  manufacturing:

Funding Comes First

Simply put, it is the hierarchically arranged power structures that form the basis of a company, and all these structures need to work in harmony for every project. While your ERP project will have executive support, it may end up suffering dire consequences in case there is a lack of funds or strong leadership. Make sure every ERP project is headed by skilled and experienced people and is funded right from the beginning.

Define Business Goals Clearly

Unless you know what you are after, you can’t even plan your strategy let alone succeed in it. This holds true for ERP project management as well. Goals of the project should be clearly defined before taking the first step involved in it.

Focus on Configuration Instead of Customization

Manufacturers are analogous to pebbles. Even if there are dozen similarities among them, no two are exactly identical. A major mistake while implementing manufacturing ERP is to assume that customization a suitable solution for flexibility. On the contrary, customization can complicate things and make it hard for you to find a way out. Configuration is a much better option here.

Management of manufacturing ERP projects might be hard but it is certainly not impossible. Just adhere to the practices mentioned above and it will be a lot easier.

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