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What’s So Good About Open ERP Software Version 7?

Software technologies no longer need an introduction and their importance is pretty much clear to both tech-savvy individuals and laymen. Almost every class of people today relies on software applications either for work or for other purposes. Earlier capable of doing nothing beyond simplistic tasks like calculation and text formatting, software apps today are being used for numerous tasks such as online shopping, ticket booking, bill payment and social networking to name a few.

Apart from the working class, business class too has had a great deal of benefits from software technologies. Entrepreneurs today are making use of software tools for each of their operations. The complexity in these operations, however, is increasing day by day, and handling them together has become much more tedious than before. Business owners, as a result, have started to use OpenERP software that can integrate multiple departments such as sales, accounting, human resource, warehouse and customer relationship, and manage them smoothly.

While the installation and use of OpenERP seems simple, it is advisable to avail the services of an open source ERP company for the same. Once ERP software was introduced, developers started working on improving it further and have come up with multiple versions of the same – among those, Version 7 happens to be highly popular.

Questions regarding the popularity of Open Source ERP Version 7 may pop in your mind right now, and you’ll find most of your answers right here:

Modular Architecture

Open ERP Version 7, being a full-fledged ERP solution, comes with several enterprise modules that are helpful in streamlining business operations.

High Speed

Unlike the older versions of OpenERP, Version 7 is fast. It thus saves your time while processing requests and delivering results.

Easy Search

The search functionality of OpenERP Version 7 makes it easy for you to browse through the screen. You can even go for advanced search options based on your requirement.


Compared to the older versions, OpenERP Version 7 is easier to use according to surveys. Users are quickly given directions for the next steps to be followed.

Above-mentioned features give OpenERP 7 an edge over other versions.

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