Excellent Software For Accounts Management

Easy Accounting

Robust and equipped with multiple features, Odoo accounting software assists both small and large businesses. It enables the accounting team to provide better services to suppliers and customers.

From budget assets to multiple companies consolidation and integrated analytic accounting, this app activates many features on demand.

A Reliable User Interface

Transactions can be recorded in a few clicks. Managing financial activities is much easier with this accounting app. Odoo's user interface strictly focuses on productivity.

Better Means to Collaborate

Your team members and accountants will have shared access to any important information such as your latest business numbers. This way everyone will receive updates about any changes, whether they are at work, traveling or at home.

Syncing Bank Accounts

Bank statements can be imported and reconciled in a few clicks. Payment orders can be created on the basis of supplier invoices and other particular requirements.

Quick Mode of Payment

Send professional invoices and receive payments without any hassle. Instead of wasting time in reminding debtors, you can set up this app and get quick payments.

Better Management of Sales

Invoices can be created automatically from delivery orders or sales orders, or can be based on time and material. Customers can know invoice expenses in a few clicks.

Integration of Purchases

Supplier invoices can be easily controlled and manipulated on the basis of purchase orders. Accounts will automatically receive real-time inventory valuation reports.

Analytic Accounting Across Multiple Levels

Analytic accounting operations can be integrated with projects, invoices, time sheets, expenses and other information. Analytic entries are posted according to your business rules. Recording of transactions is not required.

All User Needs Satisfied

Odoo accounting app allows efficient management of track expenses, assets, analytic accounting information and control budgets. Features of this app ensures a smooth work flow in your business.

Supports Both Small and Large Businesses

Supporting a wide range of users with different rights of access, currencies, and companies, Odoo's accounting app offers numerous analytic plans and real-time consolidation.

Information Access with Dashboards and KPIs

Dynamic dashboards provide direct access to key information. You can customize these as per your wish. Features like drill-down, drill-up, filter and drill-across help in analyzing financial activities.