Odoo for Manufacturing Management

Odoo's 'Manufacturing' app helps you process the raw goods or sub-assemblies and convert them into finished products in a planned and efficient manner, beneficial for the manufacturers as well as the end users. This software helps manufacturers in designing, manufacturing, and distributing products in a timely manner. It helps in using the correct processes and methods that optimize resources.

Interested in managing, planning, tracking and scheduling all your manufacturing processes and operations efficiently? If the answer is YES!!! then opt for Odoo 'Manufacturing' app. Odoo (OpenERP) is the latest technology in the market today to integrate your manufacturing resources in an efficient manner to improve your functions, efficiency and competitiveness.

Benefits of Odoo's 'Manufacturing' App

A core component of Odoo is the manufacturing management. Odoo formerly known as OpenERP is widely used in manufacturing applications and management. The manufacturing management module in Odoo allows you to cover various aspects like as

  • Planning, ordering, tracking of stocks
  • Assembling or manufacturing raw materials and components
  • Manufacturing the products as per requirements
  • Delivery of the finished product.

Schedule and Plan

  • You can schedule your manufacturing processes efficiently by scheduling orders depending on procurement, quantity and demand.
  • You can always be aware of the resource capacities for manufacturing.
  • You can plan ahead with your production, the working time and the delivery schedule dates.

Complete Flexibility

You can enjoy a complete flexibility on this powerful yet simple user interface of Odoo where you can edit all operations at any stage without any hitch manually. There is no rigid system in Odoo. You can design your own specific templates for easy operation for each manufacturing process as per your convenience.

Manage Orders Efficiently

  • You can organize and manage your manufacturing orders and work processes using the various options available.
  • You can manage using any options in the software like as 'List View', 'Calendar View' or 'gantt View'.
  • The repair orders under warranty can also be managed efficiently using the Odoo software.
  • The software also enables to manage bill of materials by keeping a track of availability of items in stock and production time.

Flexible Master Data

  • This software enables creation of multilevel bills of material. This means that you can set one bill of material within another to manufacture assemblies or components of a product in another bill of material.
  • You can also create optional routing for work orders so as to plan your production process depending on the routing used.
  • You can add configurable options for creating orders such as creating Phantom Bill of Material (BoM) to manufacture and sell products.

Fully Integrated

Odoo for 'Manufacturing' supports complete integration and planning process of stockable goods, consumables or services. Services are then integrated using the complete software. It also makes accounting of all your operations efficient so that there are no double entries.

We, at 'Simplify Odoo' help you choose material, machineries, tools, etc for various manufacturing purposes. Besides, we assist you with maintaining quality and delivery of products as and when required much to the satisfaction of the manufacturers, as well as the customers using this software.