Odoo for Purchase Management

'Purchase' from Odoo is a useful technology in ensuring a smooth flow of goods and services of a company, keeping a track of all purchase orders, invoices, supplies, etc.

Purchasing management helps in directing the flow of goods and services of an organization, including handling all data and information relating to contact with the suppliers or the clients. To be more effective, purchase management requires knowledge of the entire supply chain, tax laws, inventory processes, business rules, invoice, transportation and logistics procedures.

What is Odoo for Purchase Management?

The latest is the Odoo (formerly OpenErP) for purchase management. Using the software, you can keep a track of your suppliers’ price quotations and change them into purchase orders if required. OpenERP has different methods of reviewing and tracking invoices and the receipt of the ordered goods. Partial deliveries can also be handled in Odoo so as to monitor items that are still to be shipped in your orders, and reminders can be issued automatically. Odoo for purchase management helps you draft purchase orders automatically, and you can track the current production requirements.

What 'Simplify Odoo' Offers Using Odoo for Purchase Management?

  • We can request for quotations.
  • We can create and approve the purchase orders.
  • We can track monthly purchases as per categories.
  • Our services also include reception analysis and purchase analysis, etc.

Features of Odoo's Purchase Application

  • Create Purchase Orders: You can create purchase orders using a simple interface. You can also manage the detailed information of your suppliers, control your products entry process and check invoices of your suppliers.
  • Manage Orders: With Odoo, all purchase orders according to stock levels, sales, etc. would be automated. You can keep a track of the status of your orders and suppliers’ quotation, including the processing and delivery of orders. The software helps in managing back orders, reception control and quality control.
  • Suppliers' Info: It is possible to carefully monitor the performance of your suppliers using other info as delivery delays, price discounts etc. You can keep a track of all moves and transactions related to any particular supplier using the history tab. Odoo can also help in importing supplier’s price-lists easily so as to make smarter purchase decisions. This is usually based on promotions, discounts and special contract conditions.
  • Inventory Reports: Odoo can help in tracing product and inventory stocks and availability based on the records of sales orders, purchase orders or manufacturing orders, including internal and external moves. It has a fast and modern user interface for inventory management.
  • Requests for Quotations: The Odoo for purchase management helps in configuring every product to send out Requests for Quotations. Send RfQs by email or post to all suppliers. You can also send out RfQs for many products at the same time.
  • Invoice Managing: It can help in creating invoices which can be modified or cancelled later.