Odoo’s 'Appraisal' is an open source performance appraisal software that enables the users to perform periodical evaluation of the performance of their employees. Assessment of human resources on a regular basis can help you yield fruitful results for your employees well as for your firm. This Odoo app is beneficial for both small and big businesses.

Here's how this software can help you in diverse ways when it comes to employee appraisal.

Develop the Right Appraisal

The 'Appraisal' app from Odoo helps you create surveys to compile all the answers of your employees. With this app, you cab build your own template. Most importantly, it helps you manage various types of evaluations viz; bottom-up, top-down, self-evaluations and the final evaluation by the manager.

Design Survey with Great Ease

With an online performance appraisal system, one can easily create his / her own surveys. Odoo's Appraisal comes with 'form editor' feature. It helps you quickly add questions, edit pages and draft a useful survey to derive the most apt answers from your employees. One can simply create sample templates based on his / her specific requirements.

Get a Trial of the Surveys Before Sending Them Out

Odoo Appraisal allows you to examine your surveys before sending them to your subordinates, colleagues and other staff. You can consult with your co-manager or a supervisor and ask for feedback and reviews before finalizing them.

Set Up Evaluation Strategies

This app from Odoo helps in devising evaluation strategies for creating surveys. Anyone from a respective department / level in the employees’ hierarchy can respond to these surveys. The manager will perform the final review and evaluation. Each employee can be assigned with an evaluation plan.

Generate Interview Requests Automatically

With Odoo's Appraisal app, employees can generate interview requests with great ease according to their evaluation plan. Every single user will receive an automatic email and requests to carry out a periodic evaluation of their colleagues.

We, at 'Simplify Odoo' believes in providing impeccable Odoo app solutions to our clients. Odoo Appraisal is also a part of our service suite. Our expert professionals leave no stone unturned in installing, configuring and integrating 'Appraisal' app to our clients' businesses in the best possible manner.