Manage Human Resources Better

HR Operations Now Become Way Simpler

With Odoo, all your HR operations such as recruitment, knowledge sharing, appraisals, contracts, time sheets, payroll and attendance, can be easily managed.

Odoo's tools make it possible to meet every possible HR need. Activated on demand, this app stores information in cloud.

Be Successful in Employee Management

With Odoo's software, you can have access to all important information in the company's address book.

Only HR managers can access the confidential parts of this information. Other parts are public. This feature makes it easier for employees to find colleagues.

Employee contracts can be recorded. You can get alerts for renewal of these contracts.

A Streamlined Recruitment Process

Track every application received and post job offers. Use the kanban view to follow applicants during recruitment.

Email templates help automate communications quickly. Odoo also allows automatic indexing of resumes so that specific profiles can be searched for easily.

The settings can be customized. For instance, the "applied" stage will feature all applicants who have provided their resume and cover letter.

Smart Use of Social Network

Information silos can be broken down. Employees can have access to best practices and knowledge.

Share files and expertise by following specific documents or persons, and by joining interesting groups.

Live chat provides real-time interaction between colleagues. For offices having multiple branches, this feature is a boon.

Time Tracking and Attendance

The time spent on a client, task or an entire project can be tracked.

Observing statistics, recording time sheets and checking attendance of employees becomes quite simple.

Based on the time spent, analytic accounting is automatically posted.

Managing Leaves is Simple

Vacation days taken by employees can be easily tracked. Leave requests are submitted by employees, and approved and validated by the manager.

The process takes just a few clicks. Odoo updates the agenda of each employee accordingly.

Employee Expenses Streamlined

Odoo allows you to manage employee expenses online.

It saves time and money both by granting complete control of expense validation, reimbursement, customer re-invoicing and accounting posts.

Better Appraisal Plans

Evaluate the performance of employees and set appraisal plans accordingly. Odoo gives notifications to managers for preparation of appraisals.Progress of staff is tracked periodically.

Facilitate Employee Engagement

Use challenges, rewards and goals to inspire people to achieve.

Decide the targets and objectives for your team. Get feedback from team members and evaluate results.

Top performers are showcased and their work is praised in presence of the entire team.