A Leading Private Open Source Social Network

Company's Private Social Network

Contact experts and follow whatever you are interested in. You can even share documents and promote good practices through social network.

Effective collaboration can be achieved between geographies, documents, departments and business applications.

This app provides awesome benefits and decreases email overload.

Connectivity with Experts

Any questions or queries regarding sales, marketing, R&D or any other section of work, can be posted on a particular internal group.

Experts will answer these questions. This makes it easier to get advice on important issues.

Follow Interesting Groups

No need of extra tools to know what is happening on your websites.

Certain groups offer information on new product features, online project teams, hot deals, constraints in projects and other events. You can follow these groups.

Accomplish Every Task

You can get excellent business tools from Odoo's open source app. It allows you to read, mark and process messages in your Inbox.

Use this app and keep your Inbox free from unwanted information.

Promotion of Good Practices

Extra meetings and long chain of emails can be avoided by working in groups of interest.

A group can be created to discuss ideas, review projects and promote good practices.

Providing numerous features, this app proves to be the best in the market.

Better Access to Information

This app provides a better means to access important information. You can browse through systems to get answers to queries and finish projects quickly.

You can even get latest statistical data and compare data from different projects. This amazing app keeps all this information organized.

Best Security Policies

For every group and mailing list, there is an effective security policy based on how sensitive the information is.

Private and public are common security policies. It is possible to create a secure group for each department of the company.

Establish a Twitter-like Network

Twitter-like features improve employee engagement in the company. Experts can be followed and top ideas can be shared.