Employee expenses are those that are incurred on behalf of your business. You later reimburses these expenses to your employees. The most common type of employee expenses include car travel that is reimbursed on the basis of per unit of distance (mile or kilometer). Other expenses of this sort includes subsistence expenses, stationery, etc. With more number of employees, it often becomes difficult to track and record their expenses with precision. Odoo's 'Expenses' app for modern-day enterprises is highly effective as it helps you manage all the expenses of your employees in a seamless manner. It is very effective and time-saving. This app comes with the following benefits:

Consolidating all the Expenses of Your Employees

'Expenses' module helps you manage your employees' daily expenses with great ease. It helps you access all your employees’ fee notes and validate them whether they are about travel expenses or any other cost. You can operate all your tasks directly in the app and you do not have to download any specialized software or program to manage your expenses.

Helps in Streamlining the Expense Receipts of Your Employees

With 'Expenses' module, you will be able to upload all receipts within expense records. It enables the employees to add copies of the receipts and proofs directly to the expense records. It will help them avoid losing the receipts. With a clean and complete record of all expenses, you can save time and enhance your work efficiency.

At 'Simplify Odoo', we can assist you have a clear overview of your team’s spending with Odoo's 'Expenses' app. Our professionals have in-depth knowledge regarding configuration, installation and up-gradation of this Odoo app. We are also there to provide you with after-sales support from time to time as per your requirements.