Recruitment Just Got More Productive

A More Productive Hiring Process

Organize the job board, track application submissions and promote announcements with Odoo's open source software.

Gather information such as skills and profiles of applicants and build a database to store this information. Databases have indexes for easy access.

With this awesome app, everything can be done in a professional manner without any hassle. Recruitment does not need to be outsourced.

Use Best Job Boards

You can get connected to famous job board websites such as LinkedIn, Craigslist and Monster, with this amazing app.

To route applications to the right employer, a new email address is automatically assigned to every job position.

Data gets indexed automatically when applicants send emails or submit online forms. One click is enough to send a reply to applicants. Templates of answers can be reused.

Customized Recruitment

Hiring strategies can be created and implemented using Odoo's solutions. Both big and small businesses can get significant benefits from these strategies.

Steps in recruitment process such as interviews, pre-qualification and negotiation can be customized using kanban view.

Recruitment pipeline will give you accurate statistics. Compare performance of different investments with the help of reports.

Depending on comparison, make changes to your recruitment strategy.

Streamline the Process of Recruitment

Smartly use the kanban view to follow applicants during recruitment. Automate communications using e-mail templates to save time.

Resumes, motivation letters and other documents are automatically indexed, thus reducing effort in searching for specific skills and profiles.

Conduct Surveys

Improve hiring process by using Odoo's surveys. Considering best practices, create an interview canvas. Make questions adapt to your process using survey designer.

Surveys can either be filled in by applicants online or be conducted directly by interviewers.