Odoo's 'Community Builder' is a set of apps that help you build your community. It is termed as an open source alternative to Stack Overflow. With Community Builder, you can build, reinforce and engage your community. This module is comprised of a help forum, mailing list subscriptions and blogging platform. There is no need to install any additional program or make any complicated alteration in your software to avail the advantages of this Odoo app.

The 3 vital components that come with Builder Community are:

Create Your Help Forum

This app helps you develop a help forum that you can be easily integrated into your website. The app basically allows your customers and the entire community to put forward their queries as per their area of interests. Your clients may ask about various tips regarding your services in the forum. In this regard, you or anyone from the community is eligible to reply or start a further discussion on specific subjects. You need to have a structured Q&A help forum on your website. It's an easy way to provide prompt, professional and accurate information to your visitors.

Creation of Company Newsletters

One of the best ways to keep your visitors informed and aware of the latest happenings in your business is newsletters. Newsletters help you disseminate information regarding the release of a new product or any important news to your wide audience and followers with great ease. With 'Community Builder', you can easily create newsletter mailing list by adding a template form on the website, wherein a visitor can subscribe by simply adding his / her email address. The address will be automatically added to your database. This app also enables company mailing lists subscription so that your community members can subscribe to the mailing list and then get a full access to the group. It will help the members send and receive emails, read archives, start their own discussions, and many more.


The 'Community Builder' app helps you create blogging platforms directly on your website. It will enable you to publish news, blog posts, articles, and other important updates about your business in an elaborate and precise manner.

We, at 'Simplify Odoo' helps you avail this Odoo app and makes the best use of it for the interest of your business. Our team will be happy to provide you any service regarding 'Community Builder' right from installation to after-sales.