Odoo's Events module is highly effective in successfully organizing events without any difficulty. The latest versions of Odoo's Events module is equipped with enhanced features that can make your event organization highly fruitful.

Seamless Event Organization for Promoting Your Business

The Odoo's 'Events' app differs from other events software in many ways. It covers almost every aspect of an event manager's work that includes organization, promotion, sale and so one. One can use this app for any kind of event such as conferences, meetings, seminars, training and webinars.

At 'Simplify Odoo', we try to provide our patrons with best events solutions with latest features of Odoo.

Tracking Activity Details of Your Events

With the new 'Events' app from Odoo, you can easily find and book the best speakers for your event. Tracking all the activities of your event is a simplified task now.

Revamped Kanban

Once you go through the modules of Odoo's 'Events', you will be delighted to find that the Kanban has been revamped. It has now become more user-friendly. With the new look and feel, you will not find any difficulty in juggling multiple tasks for your events. This has become possible due to enhanced filters.

Prepare Customized Questions

You can enjoy a new widget that will allow you to ask customized questions in the form of multiple choice. Now, it has become easy and simple to obtain the right information that you can use at later stages for customizing the event experience for each attendee. When it comes to group enrollment, you can now easily obtain readable information for each attendee. You can manage each attendee individually with personalized badges and personalized emails.

Easy Registration

Event confirmation and registration has become extremely easy now. It has enabled large companies to rationalize management for bigger events. Event forms view has been simplified with a view to suffice the requirements of small companies that hold events for targeting a wide audience. You just have to tweak the settings to adapt the tool to your requirements.

Creating Engaging Event Pages for Event promotion

With the events module you can directly manage the web promotion of all your events. All you need to do is to create engaging event pages with the same user-oriented technology available on the CMS module. and share your speakers and agenda information with attendees and prospects.

Preparing Your Event’s Email Marketing Campaign Beforehand

The new app from Odoo helps you schedule emails for events in advance. You just need to save the date and enrollment confirmation. With Odoo's 'Events' module, you can create a simple yet appealing drag and drop system. Further, you need to add impressive content and set target, date and time of sending. It enables you to have a mailing calendar ready upon event creation.

If you are enticed with these features, 'Simplify Odoo' can help you avail all these features for your events. We have a team of professionals that can help you integrate Odoo's 'Events' modules into your business.