Reach your target audience

With Odoo's mass mailing and email campaigns, it becomes easier to keep your database engaged

Mass Mailing Made Convenient

Through Odoo's mailing software, it is now quite convenient to design, track and send your emails. You can easily send mass mails to your customers and potential leads.

Track the performance of mailing campaigns and improve conversion rates. With just a few clicks, it is now possible to reuse templates and create professional emails.

Professional and Effective Emails

The software makes it easy to import a database of potential customers and filter present leads or opportunities.

You can define email templates and reuse a specific design or content for your newsletter. Optimize opening rates by setting up several email servers with their own IP/domains.

Set up Professional Mailing Campaigns

Improve your conversion rate by receiving real time statistics on the performance of your campaigns. It becomes easy to track emails that have been received, sent, opened and answered.

You can comfortably manage your mailing campaigns, leads, discussion groups and opportunities on a simple platform, which is powerful as well as user friendly.

You can manage the entire marketing campaign in one place.

Integration with Every Odoo App

Every Odoo app offers access to mass mailing features, which boosts user communication.

Now easily send templates of emails from CRM, choose leads based on marketing segments, automate answers to applicants and send job offers, reuse lead automation marketing campaigns – email template.

The social network module will enable automatic appearance of the reply to every email, in the history of each document.

Get a Clean Lead Database

A clean lead database improves over time usage and performance of your mails. The software offers you statistics on the quality of your leads and bounced emails can be managed efficiently, which in turn influences the conversion rate.

Sending Emails with Just One Click

One-click mass mailing feature can be given to other users, for their own prospects and documents.

You can choose documents such as leads, suppliers, support tickets, applicants as well as customers, and send them emails with just one click, by reusing present email templates and examples.

Communicate Efficiently with Your Customers

The chatter feature enables quick and efficient communication with your customers. According to the results of your mass mailing campaigns, documents such as leads, opportunities and tasks are created automatically. The discussion on the business document can be followed directly within Odoo or through email.

The discussions are attached to the respective documents and relevant managers are notified on particular events.

Evaluate Performance with the Help of Campaign Dashboards

The software enables you to make smarter mailing campaigns. Track statistics on every campaign, mails sent, bounce rates, popular content, etc. Structured dashboards provide you with a clear overview of your campaign's performance.