Design Impressive Surveys

Create Amazing Online Survey Forms

Make your survey forms reliable and quick – They are Open source and online, so there is no loss of information.

No delay in analyzing the survey – Because of simple charts and real time results

Everything is centralized – Providing direct understanding of your sales

A user-friendly interface that is simple and perceptive

Its Features Include:

  1. After designing, you can test your survey – Making these surveys require few simple clicks. It is simple and clear to understand. With just a click, the intuitive interface allows you to directly edit whatever you need.
  2. Collect as well as exchange data – Odoo's built-in sharing system allows you to exchange your surveys comfortably. No wasted time or delays, as you can ensure quick sending in just a few clicks.
  3. Receive immediate benefits – Odoo enables all your results to be automatically synchronized with your database. There is no differentiation between your data mining and your establishment.

Create Designs That Are Sleek and Professional

Survey creation becomes surprisingly convenient with Odoo's building blocks and 'edit inline' approach. Content can simply be dragged and dropped, and texts can be edited as per your requirement.

Whether you find a small error in questionnaire, or you want to add a new answer, you can simply click and make the change.

Designs can be modified, questions edited, texts added and pictures changed in real time, without the usage of external and complex interface.

Share the Surveys Without Delay

With Odoo's built-in sharing system, it is possible to gather information in no time. Since the database can be directly accessed from the survey tool, you can immediately share your polls and get responses. Whenever required, you can react to your marketing needs and offer studies.