Business Intelligence at Just a Click of a Button

Statistics for Your Important Data

Odoo provides an easy way to check statistics of your important data.

Detailed reports and graphs can be created in the format you need. All this is possible, in few simple clicks.

You no longer require specialized program, to create charts and graphs.

Heat Map

Odoo offers you an amazing feature that shows you the heat map. You can conveniently see the development of your projects and other activities.

Data such as, how many hours were spent on a particular task, project, etc, can be highlighted. The feature is useful for tracking the advancement and evaluation of every activity.

Use Filter Option According to Your Own Preference

Filter each analysis, with sample filters, based on your own needs.

This is the most convenient way of getting the exact information that you require. You don't have to install programs in order to create charts and graphs. Odoo's data analysis software helps with everything.

Specified reports, along with an analysis on everything, can be created with Odoo's report creation software. All kinds of documents can be created, either from your own criteria or from a template, in just few simple steps.

Keep Track of the Process

Track the movement of your every activity, such as invoices, reports, projects, etc, and get statistical information on each one of them.

Everything can be seen in a tabular chart, with a clean breakdown structure.

Business Intelligence app provides you with the best tools, that keeps track, along with providing a clean overview of your important data.

As compared to other similar apps in the market, Odoo provides simpler, more user-friendly, fast and fully integrated software.