Odoo new application, 'Discuss' simplifies the process of communication and helps a great deal in internal as well as public communication. Communication is a significant process of management and effective communication is essential to ensure an organization’s continual growth. Communications plays a vital role in all functionalities of an organization and its absence can hinder the achievement of defined organizational goals.

The importance of communication can be stated by following facts-

  • It is necessary for planning which is a basic function of management. Planning requires communication among the management and in between management and the employees.
  • It is the basis of co-ordination which is necessary for effective working of an organization.
  • It increases managerial efficiency as goals, targets, progress reports are all passed on through effective communication.
  • Communication not only implements plan but also plays a vital role in decision-making. Effective communication ensures faster and accurate decision making.

The above facts make it clear that the importance of communication cannot be understated. Odoo, a widely used opensource ERP solutions aims to make the process of communication convenient and effective through its new feature, Discuss.

Odoo, has simplified the day-to-day functionalities of an enterprise. It caters to the needs of every enterprise irrespective of its size. It is widely used by 2 million users scattered all over the globe as it is fully integrated and flexible to meet the specific requirements of every organization. It has been equipped with more than 4500 applications which help you manage your enterprise effectively, efficiently and without any duplication of efforts. It is advisable to every entrepreneur for a drastic improvement in the performance of their respective enterprises.

'Simplify Odoo' provides Odoo solution for maximum utilization of this efficient ERP solutions. We help you enjoy the following advantages of this new Odoo application -

  • It simplifies internal communication of an organization as using 'Discuss' one can create internal groups and mailing lists with any topic.
  • One can avoid the unnecessary manipulations in mailbox as 'Discuss' lets you choose the specific audiences for particular information and ensure that there are no unsolicited receipts.
  • One can easily make public announcements with the new Odoo app. By creating public groups and build-up mailing lists it allows the entrepreneur to conveniently manage the monthly newsletters or announcements of new products. It lets viewers subscribe to the public information with a simple click and adds their e-mail addresses to the database.