Odoo, the open-source ERP solution has come with the new application, ’Gamification’ which makes the age-old management technique of motivation easy and convenient, not only for the management but also for the employees.

Importance of motivating has constantly been emphasized by well-known experts of the field of management. Rensis Likert, a well-known management expert, also stated that motivation is the ‘core of management’. And even in today’s era of MNCs and online enterprises, the importance of constantly motivating your workforce cannot be undermined. Motivating employees can be defined as continuous process of encouraging workforce to strive for the organizational objectives. It is also studied as psychological phenomenon of influencing the workforce through a possibility of a futuristic reward. Motivation is significant for an organization’s continual growth and helps the organization in the following ways-

Increases Performance Level

Motivation helps the workforce to realize their true potential. Motivating employees with rewards not only enhances the overall productivity, but also leads to an exponential improvement in over-all performance of the enterprise. Increased level of performances further brings down the cost of operations.

Builds a Conducive Environment

Constant motivation builds a conducive environment for a holistic growth. It builds a cordial relation among the employees. Effective co-operation amongst employees and harmony between an entrepreneur and employees tends to minimize the internal disputes of the organization.

Ensures Stability

Constant motivation in the form appraisals and perks reduces employee turnover. A high rate of employee turnover maligns the reputation of the company and also hinders its growth. Motivation ensures employee satisfaction and makes the company stable.

Reduces Absenteeism

Poor-working conditions and meager remunerations are the main factors responsible for frequent absenteeism of the employees. Motivation removes all such lacunae, and ensures that the work place caters to all the needs of employees for efficient achievements of organizational growth.

Facilitates Change

A constantly growing organization always needs to change and reinvent itself according to needs and requirements of the market. Employees often resist change but motivation ensures employee satisfaction and facilitates changes. It makes the employee more receptive and encourages them to pursue new organizational goals.

Importance of motivation can’t be ignored and with Odoo’s new application, ‘Gamification’, motivation has become easier and interesting for employees as well as the management. The new app comes with a set salient features which are as follows-

  • An entrepreneur can define and set targets for its employees and can help them to strive for it.
  • It allows employees to measure and evaluate their performance and compare it against the established targets and even with the performances of their colleagues.
  • By using dashboard an entrepreneur can also keep a check on the status of targets achieved and also on the progress made by each employee.
  • Gamification allows the entrepreneur to reward and appreciate the hard work of employees in a creative way. Through this feature, one can even grant accolades in form of badges on the instances of noteworthy non-numerical performances.

Gamification is surely the future of motivation and an phenomenal innovation in the field of management.

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