'Instant Messaging' from Odoo helps you directly contact and interact with your clients, understand their queries and take their feedback in the best possible manner. This app from Odoo also enables your customers to have complete information about the products / services that you are going to offer. It can also help you earn the goodwill of your clients and retain them for a longer period of time.

The Odoo Instant Messaging app comes with various features:

Real Time Online Chat

Odoo's Instant Messaging app helps you easily get in touch with your colleagues, subordinates and others with great ease. This app from Odoo enables users to chat with each other in real time. Besides using this app, you can find other users easily and chat directly on your site. You can have several chats simultaneously using this app. For that, you won't need external programs for live chats or any other apps. You can find everything in theis web based real time chat.

Check the Online Availability of Other Users

With green / red indicative buttons, it becomes easy for you to check the availability status of other users to start a conversation. Whether you are a small business entity or a big corporate house, Odoo's real time messaging is a great tool for your business.

Fix Issues Instantly

With Odoo's IM app, you can keep long and complicated email discussions and problematic phone calls at bay. This amazing app helps you promptly talk to anyone you need and fix all your issues in a simple, easy and efficient manner. As you start writing a message to someone, it will automatically pop up in his / her screen and he / she will be able to reply to you immediately.

At 'Simplify Odoo', we help you reap the benefits of real time web chat apart from offering you solutions for internal mailbox directly integrated into your system. We help you connect it to any mail service that you are using, and read your emails from any nook and corner of the world.