Odoo, previously known as OpenERP, is a widely used opesource ERP solutions which helps you in managing the various every day functionalities of an organization. It is based on the opensource AGPL v3 license as from version 6.0 and is constantly being improved by a dedicated community of experienced technocrats. It makes the achievement of organizational goals easier as it helps in streamlining the functionalities. It improves and increases productivity of the organization by ensuring all tasks are being carried out efficiently and there is no duplication of efforts.

It can easily be integrated with all the web application and its immense flexibility in customizing modules makes it capable of catering to needs of small as well as complex organizations. Odoo has also embedded a new application, ‘Notes’ and its features are-

  • It allows an entrepreneur as well as the employees to make to-do lists and ensures increased productivity.
  • One can organize everything ranging from important meetings to personal tasks and hence, it eases the arduous task of prioritizing.
  • It also allows you to keep a tab of collaborative meeting minutes. Its distinct feature even lets the attendees to add to minutes. One can discuss, attach files and prepare effective minutes though its real-time collaborative tool.
  • Every attendee’s suggestion is written with a specific color and hence, one can easily go through each attendee’s suggestion.
  • It is enabled with the smart Kanban view which allows users to customize the steps written in notes or in to-do lists.
  • One can even share ideas and hold discussions through Notes.
  • It plays a vital role in dividing and organizing as similar tasks can be grouped under the same color or under the same tag.

Odoo is the best management tool to help your organization grow. It comes enabled with more than 4500 applications which are used by over 2 million companies globally. Apart from creating to-do lists, one can even assign tasks and keep a tab on employees’ performance through its applications.

'Simplify Odoo' provides customized solutions for Odoo's 'Notes' application and ensures that your company enjoys all the advantages and features, it offers.