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Your Sales Funnel, According to Your Liking

Get updated information on consecutive actions, latest messages, favorable opportunities and revenues while working inside your sales funnel.

Customer Relationship Management Made Better

Management of sales funnel takes minimal effort. Follow-up on meetings and important phone calls, and get good leads. Check your leads for quality and decide smartly. The application is a time-saver. It integrates e-mails from all contacts directly.

Track Pipeline, Using Kanban View

The outstanding kanban view allows you to track pipeline opportunities in a few easy steps. While working in your sales funnel, you can get information about the next action that you need to take, good opportunities as well as revenues.

This management software can boost sales for any business, big or small.

Integrating Social Network

Your sales process will have social intelligence. It is easier to find prospects by getting insights from social media websites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Contact data from these websites gets loaded into your address book automatically.

Manage Your Leads Easily

Odoo enables automatic creation of leads through incoming mails. These leads can be analyzed efficiently. Performance of department, campaign, sales or channel team can easily be evaluated.

Duplicates are found, leads are merged and handed over to the best salesperson. Qualifying leads and administration takes minimal time.

Organized Opportunities

Focus on best deals by organizing opportunities. Monitor phone calls, e-mails, internal notes, quotations and meetings to manage customer interactions. Note specific events such as changes in stage, new demands of customer, successful deals and failures.

Automation and Integration of E-mail

Use the same email applications that you normally use. There is no need for any changes in work scenario of the company, as the productivity stays high this way.

Incoming mails are automatically routed, sorted and filtered. With Odoo CRM, incoming mails reach the right sales team. It creates leads on the fly and notifies interested salespersons.

Single View for All Agendas

Collaborative agenda is an excellent feature of Odoo CRM. Integrated calendar schedules all phone calls and meetings.

The work agenda of every colleague can be seen in a single view. The manager can see current task of the team, set a deadline for it, and observe the progress.

Campaigns for Marketing and Automation of Leads

Marketing campaigns help to automate the acquisition of leads, promotions and follow ups. Automated actions are defined by triggers.

Every channel allows the optimization of campaigns from lead to close. Odoo CRM also assists in decision-making. The impact of marketing strategies will show up on the bottom line of the company.

Sales Cycle Customization

Configure the stages of sales and customize sales cycle as per your approach. Creation of custom templates is allowed by the system.

Get accurate forecasts by controlling statistical data. It improves sales performance.

Designing Dashboards and Reporting

Make clever decisions by getting insights. Take a glance at your business by designing custom dashboards.

Real-time reports and flow charts give a deeper detail. Flowcharts can be created and shared by anyone.

Game Mechanics for Better Engagement

Game mechanics inspire rewards and real-time recognition. Such rewards help to reinforce good habits and improve the rate of winning. The team leader sets challenges and business objectives and aligns the sales teams accordingly.