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Odoo Sale Point is Focused On User Convenience

A clean interface is used by the online Point of Sale app of Odoo. Requiring no installation, this app can be used on modern hardware, both offline and online.

It integrates completely with the inventory and accounts system of your company, and thus keeps you updated with real time statistical information about other shops in the market. It also saves you the trouble of integrating multiple applications.

Compatible with Any Hardware and Works with Both Online and Offline Interfaces

Odoo's Point of Sale app does not depend on internet connection for its functionality. Internet connection is just required in the beginning while setting up the stores. Afterwards, the POS app can be used according to your wish.

The POS app needs internet to get started but once it is operational, it keeps working even after being disconnected. Instead of limiting yourself with constraints, this app provides more flexibility in usage.

Odoo's Point of Sale app does not involve any installation process and offers hardware compatibility. The SAAS solution of this app works on laptops, tablet PCs, iPads, desktop PCs as well as other industrial machines for POS.

Hassle-Free Interface for Users

The simplicity of Odoo's Point of Sale app makes it a favorite of modern retailers. Its interface is much more advanced and user-friendly when compared to those of the outdated POS systems.

Odoo's POS app allows the activation of multiple reservations, or orders in shops and restaurants, thus minimizing the waiting time for customers.

The fast filtering process in Odoo's POS app allows you to scan smoothly through products and their categories. It also allows quick access to product information.

Efficient Management of Inventory

Odoo's POS app facilitates the real time consolidation of multiple sales channels, thus granting the user complete control of the store, sales teams and inventory. It also helps in the accurate management of procurement.

In-store Services for Customers

The open source software used by Odoo's POS app has several amazing features. Integration of in-store services gives the customers a good shopping experience.

The services mainly include tracking of warranties, repairs, planning of orders, and management of customer claims.

Integration of Accounting and Invoicing

With Odoo's POS app, it only takes a few clicks to produce invoices for customers. It provides real time control of cash and sales.

The reporting feature of this app assists you in making decisions, thus allowing you to manage your store efficiently. Your general ledger will automatically receive updates about sales and inventory operations.

Manage Data from All Stores

Odoo's POS app automatically applies pricing strategies, product updates and promotions on all stores, thus providing a unified customer base to work on. There is no need for a complex interface to implement global strategy on multiple stores.

Both large multinationals and small stores can be easily managed using Odoo as backend.

Build Strong Customer Relationship

Integrating customer relationships across sales channels is a common strategy used by successful brands. It gives a better understanding of customer profiles and allows proper communication with shoppers while they make decisions, online or in store.

You can get a complete customer view with Odoo POS app. It allows the monitoring of interaction history, customer profiles, cross-channel sales and many other aspects.