Create Innovative Blogs

An Amazing Open Source Blogging Platform

Create attractive blogs with Odoo blogging platform. Write innovative blogs, engage with viewers, manage social media platforms, and translate content.

The tool conveniently provides good references for your blog posts in Google, and translates them into different languages efficiently.

Attract Leads Through Creative Blog Posts

You can create beautiful blog posts with Odoo's well-designed 'Building Blocks'. Its simple drag and drop function enables perfect integration of images, quotes, banners, call-to-actions, videos, etc.

With the software's 'edit inline' approach, it becomes possible to create awesome and engaging content for your website.

Smart, Automated and Professional Translation

Get the posts translated in various languages with no extra effort or special software. Odoo also provides professional translators who can translate your changes on demand. Updating the translated version is possible as soon as they've been translated.

Reach your audiences in different parts of the world with Odoo's multi-language posts.

Connect with Your Viewers

Through a simple click, it is now possible to live chat with your viewers. You can simply start chatting with any of your visitors, with the integrated 'live chat' feature. You can get feedback on your recent posts and ideas as well as get tips for your new posts.

Engaging your visitors is an amazing way to connect and convert them into customers.

Build Loyalty Through Social Media Integration

Without any extra effort of registering, the 'follow' button will allow visitors to follow your posts through emails. It becomes easier to gain followers, and social media icons help the visitors in sharing their favorite blog posts with one simple click.

Odoo's amazing new feature enables visitors to 'tweet' parts of their favorite blog posts, by just choosing the sentence that they wish to share. Commenting on the selected part can also be done directly on the website.

Tracking the Impact of Each Post Becomes Easier with Google Analytics Integration

Odoo's Google Analytics trackers keeps track of all your activities, such as call-to-actions, shopping carts, etc., and provides you with a clear picture of your sales funnel.

Also, you get a complete view of your business with the help of Odoo's marketing tools, such as campaigns, mass mailing, etc., as they are linked to Google Analytics.

Create Blog Posts That Are SEO Optimized

Odoo offers SEO tools that are ready-to-use, without requiring configuration. You can now attract new visitors through good referencing, as the software suggests keywords according to Google's most searched terms and phrases.

The interests of your visitors are tracked and sitemaps are created for Google indexation.

Themes That Are Design Friendly

Odoo themes are simple and easy to design. Nothing extra is required to create new building blocks, themes and pages. A clean HTML structure is used, along with a bootstrap CSS. The software's modularity enables easy distribution of themes.

This is an amazing feature for writes as well as designers.

Comfortable Access Rights

The publishing process of your website can be adapted to your own requirements, as everyone doesn't require the same access to your website. The publishing process can be organized according to your needs – designers create layout of the site, writers develop content and editors approve the same.