Odoo Website Builder

Creating Remarkable Websites with Ease

More than 50,000 companies are using Odoo for their business growth

Highly Customizable

It is now possible to create awesome websites, even with no technical know-how. Website creation has become very convenient with the help of Odoo's 'edit inline' approach. You just need to click and change any content, anytime you want.

The platform is highly flexible and can be easily customized to fulfill all requirements of a website. It provides innovation and a constant push for enterprises, in this highly competitive era of business.

Easy Integration

Easily integrated with other ERPs, it helps in improving efficiency. Handling several ERP systems is no longer a challenge. Ready-to-use enterprise features are available in just a click.

With Odoo, handling e-commerce, job announcements, call-to-actions, customer references, newsletters, blogs, etc, becomes quite convenient.

Simple and Attractive Websites

Websites can now be designed from scratch using Odoo's building blocks. Whether it is blogs, product descriptions, or static pages, it is now possible for you to create clean content, like a professional web designer.

All you need to do is drag and drop, and customize default building blocks.

Updated technology and Professional Themes

The platform keeps on modifying with the latest technology and it allows you to change themes with just a click.

Design customized themes, or go for ready-to-use themes that give the desired look and feel to your website.

Fluid Grid Layout

You can design pages with the help of Odoo's drag and drop building blocks. They can be moved and scaled to fit the layout that you want.

Building blocks are based on mobile friendly, responsive, fluid grid system that scales up to 12 columns as the viewport or device size increases.

Templates Are Based on Bootstrap

The templates are easy to design as nothing new has to be developed to create new pages, themes, banners or building blocks. A clean HTML structure, i.e. a bootstrap CSS is used.

Get the Website Translated in Multiple Languages

Odoo makes it possible to get your website translated in different languages without any effort. Odoo provides professional translation across all pages, according to what is edited on the master page.

Professional translators translate all content with the help of Gengo integration.

Get Amazing Mobile Experience

Thanks to Odoo's responsive design, you get a website that is mobile friendly. All the pages automatically adapt to the mobile phone, desktop and tablet screen size.

You don't have to create a website especially for mobile phones and tablets. All that you do on your website, instantly becomes mobile friendly.