Till recently, the market was highly dominated by proprietary ERP software such as SAP, Microsoft Dynamics and many more. Odoo, formerly known as OpenERP is gradually occupying its foothold by offering one of the most up-to-date and modular services to the business fraternity. One of the major reasons behind its increasing popularity is its cost effectiveness. The end users need to pay just for the services that ERP software integrators provide and not for the software licensing. Since OpenERP/Odoo is becoming immensely popular, the requirement for ERP professionals is also growing at rapid pace.

OpenERP Technical Training Services from Simplify Odoo

We, at 'Simplify Odoo', offer exclusive OpenERP/Odoo technical training programs that enable participants to take up the complex challenges pertaining to deployment, implementation and troubleshooting of OpenERP/Odoo as well. We offer effective Odoo technical training to professionals, who want to gain an in-depth knowledge of various technical nuances of the same. We make sure that our training programs are delivered by industry professionals with extensive experience and expertise in technical implementation of OpenERP/Odoo. We also ensure that they are aware of the latest professional challenges that one may face in an organizational environment.

We offer Odoo technical training with the following objectives:

  • Installation of OpenERP/Odoo along with all the essential modules and packages.
  • Help you easily comprehend the file structure and the best practices pertaining to the placement of OpenERP files.
  • Help you add objects, create modules and make required changes to the forms & other views in an OpenERP system.
  • Guide you in making necessary modifications to access rights and menus.
  • Help you understand the creation process of imperative documents like reports in an OpenERP system.
  • Assist you in performing important steps required for administration of the OpenERP system.

Our professionals are always ready to help you with any query regarding the functionality of Open ERP / Odoo.